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From the Ends of the Earth Felman's first novel: a life story in partially fictionalized format. It chronicles his coming of age in Cincinnati, experiences as a training physician and practicing physician, playing polo, living aboard a sailboat, working as a waiter in the Catskill mountains, driving cattle in Montana and other unusual adventures.
The Measure of our Torment,  Felman's second novel, is a medical mystery, set in the polo, fox-hunting country of the north-east. It chronicles the affairs of the wealthy and famous as they self-destruct while cavorting in their luxurious surroundings.
In a third novel, A Better Man than I, Felman sounds the depths of women's feelings, explores the limits of man's intolerance and unmasks a panorama of human emotions from humor to pathos, poignant to dispassionate, anguished to ecstatic. Set against contrasting venues of a southern medical school and a Wyoming boxing gym, this story will carry the reader well beyond the final bell.

You are Your Body's Keeper: Don't Become a Medical Mistake, is Dr. Felman's practical layman's book for prospective patients or relatives, in which he outlines in concise layman's terminology, what health consumers need to know. The books covers various types of medical facilities, physicians who man them, rights and privileges of patients, the uses and abuses of medical tests and procedures, and a host of addition practical clues that will help patients protect themselves against the practice of bad, or occasional negligent medicine.

In addition to the above, Dr. Felman has written two textbooks on Pediatric Radiology as well as over fifty scientific articles. He has held positions as Chairman of the Section on Radiology of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Chairman of the Southern Society of Pediatric Radiology, and various committee appointments in these societies. He recently appeared as a featured speaker on child abuse at the annual international meeting of the Society for Pediatric Radiology

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