Al Felman

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Author's Bio


Dr. Albert Felman
Born and reared in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. Felman is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and is certified in the specialties of Pediatrics and Radiology. After a medical career that spanned over thirty-five years as a Pediatrician and Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics at the University of Florida and South Florida Colleges of Medicine, he began writing novels. In addition to speaking at writing conferences, civic/religious seminars and book signings, Dr. Felman continues to lecture on medical subjects to both professional and lay organizations.

Legend of the Feather Pillow, Felman's latest work, published by High Country Publishers, Ltd., of Boone, N.C. takes the reader behind the scenes of the medical profession as it is practiced today. Although fiction, the events are illustrative of  Felman's own experiences in the private and public venues. The adventures of the young physician and the manner in which he confronts the realities of medical practice while struggling with his own moral  and ethical behavior form the theme and message of this tale.


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