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Al Felman

Legend of the Feather Pillow


Legend of the Feather Pillow,
Milton Diamond challenges his fellow physicians to restore honesty and credibility to the ancient art of healing. For his labors, he is rewarded with contempt from his peers and scorn from the community of people he is trying to help. To prevail, he must overcome not only deep-rooted, established traditions, but the shadowy demons that dwell within himself.


The Legend of the Feather Pillow is a thoughtful examination by a Jewish professional of the everyday compromises that people make and the ethical dilemmas they chose to face or turn away from. Without mentioning the term "Mussar", it raises at least a dozen issues that we and our congregants must confront in various ways throughout our lives.

– Rabbi Laurence Edwards, Journal of the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Early Reviews

"I found the book interesting...I would recommend it." Kathe S. Pinchuck, Assn. of Jewish Libraries Newsletter.

"Very interesting...compelling...well done. Important to me because it deals with the process of Teshuvah (atonement) in Judaism. Really excellent." Rabbi Herbert Bronstein, RabbiEmeritus/Senior Scholar, North Shore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, Il, Editor of A Passover Haggadah, Central Conference of American Rabbis

"In this modern story of greed, we are reminded of the redemption that atonement can bring...I highly recommend Legend of the Feather Pillow." Sol Wachtler, Chief Judge (Ret.) State of New York Court of Appeals. Author of After the Madness and Blood Brothers.

"A timely "behind the scenes" look into the often veiled inner workings of medical enterprises. Relevant and eye-opening given recent investigations into Medicare and tax fraud." Sharon Argov, MLS, Director of Information Resources, American Inter Continental University

"The writing is brisk...the dialogue moves the plot with alacrity. A page turner that leaves the reader anxiously awaiting the denouement. ...a thoroughly engrossing novel." Raymond A. Moore, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, University of South Carolina

"Underlying this contemporary story is the Feather Pillow truism which may come from Jewish lore but speaks to an universal truth." Marian Coe, author of Eves Mountain, Key to a Cottage, and Once Upon a Different Time.

"Funny...thought provoking...a page turner. Felman's dialog rings true, incisive." Bill Kaiser, High Country Writers

Think a Jewish Patch Adams . . . on a crusade for medical ethics, and you've got this feather pillow book down pat. . . .it's worth taking time to survey a well-written story about a Jewish doctor's attempt to fix (the health care system.)– Jewsweek

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