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Jews Week Reviews Legend of the Feather Pillow


The Jewsweek short stack


Dylan, the Talmud, and kosher oh my! Those are just some of the topics covered in the eight books we round up.

by Bradford R. Pilcher

This week we list some books that aren't even out yet, and won't be for another few weeks, but we thought we'd give you a head start on preordering them. Why? Because they're that good. Expect some of them to get the full review treatment closer to publication.

Legend of the Feather Pillow by Alvin H. Felman, Published by High Country Publishers, 304 pages,

Summary in a sentence: Think a Jewish Patch Adams but less funny and on a crusade for medical ethics, and you've got this feather pillow book down pat. Why you should read it: It's no mystery that healthcare has become something of a bureaucratic behemoth full of faceless nurses, long waits, and in-and-out doctors. We haven't even mentioned the HMOs, so it's worth taking time to survey a well-written story about a Jewish doctor's attempt to fix that. Why you might be turned off: It's always possible that there are actual human beings out there who are the faceless nurses, in-and-our doctors, or heartless paper pushers at the HMO. You might get offended if you read this book.

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